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Adults & Kids

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Nasal Irrigation for Kids & Adults

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Breathe Better. Feel Better.

Get back on the road to recovery and begin to feel better immediately.









The Schnozzle(R) is a smooth tip syringe adapter used to deliver a high flow nasal lavage for kids and adults.  Using it, for nasal irrigation, delivers positive pressure to expand the nasal passages, loosen mucus and flush out deep secretions to unclog the nose.  

Clearing nasal secretions allows you to breathe more easily, feel better and reduce cough symptoms from post-nasal drip.   The Schnozzle is often compared to a neti-pot, yet it is much better.  The unique patented syringe design provides safer, more ergonomic control of the pressure, flow and volume compared to traditional products.

Try It & Get Immediate Relief! 

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Using Nasal Irrigation

Avoid the Unnecessary


Reduce Antibiotics &
OTC Medication Risks

Doctors Visits

Avoid the Time
& Related Expense

E.R. Visits

Save Your Time
& Co-pays

Sick Days

Stay on the Go
Keep Them for a Rainy Day

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How it Works:

As fluid passes through the nose, it expands the nasal passages. The irrigation fluid rinses deeply and loosens mucus in it’s path.

With the soft palate closed, irrigation fluid fills the deepest portions of the nasopharynx and can displace tenacious secretions stuck to the in the back of the nose along the nasopharyngeal wall. Unless removed, these secretions can obstruct airflow, drip down the back of the throat and trigger irritation and coughing.

The irrigation fluid then traverses around the back of the nasal septum to the other side of the nose. It continues to flush out the the second side of the nose before exiting out the other nostril.

Like any plumbing system, a good thorough cleaning of the inside passages improves flow and prevents repeated obstruction.

Watch our video and animations. Find out how easy it is to use the Schnozzle(R) to breathe better and feel better and then try it for yourself!

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Flush Irrigation Fluid in One Side of the Nose.

Positive Pressure Expands the Nasal Passages.

Fluid and Nasal Secretions are then Displaced into the Nasopharynx and Around the Back of the Nasal Septum.

Fluid Exits Out the Other Side.
Watch our video and animations to see the Schnozzle(R) in action.

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Recommended Volume

volume limit per syringe flush

5 - 10 ml


20-30 ml

Young Children

30-60 ml



Its not Just Another Neti-Pot...

There are so many benefits to using our products. Here are just a few:

For Kids & Adults.
It works great!

Look at the great reviews below. Most of these are from healthcare professionals that have used the Schnozzle(R) on themselves, their families and/or patients.  

Natural Therapy

No drugs are needed.   Avoid the side effects of over-the-counter medications and the complications and costs of antibiotics. 


Works for Babies.
Nothing Else Like It.

Invented and patented by a pediatric ER physician.   Designed to help children & parents who came to the ER needing care after other products failed to do the job.  

Unique Patented
Syringe Design.

Syringes are more ergonomic and have better control over the fluid volume, flow and pressure than other traditional products.  Discreet and portable.   For travel or workplace. 

Designed with
Safety In Mind.

Unique threaded anti-slip connector is safer for use at home.  “Unit dosing” for accurate delivery of volume and pressure. Detailed recommendations for fluid volumes and safe technique. 

Clinically Proven in
Pediatric Hospitals.

Used on thousands of patients in hospitals and at home; with our numbers growing.   It is great for kids & adults too.  Just look at all of  the healthcare provider comments.

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What are People Saying...

We enjoy hearing how much the Schnozzle is helping you and your families!



“I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for inventing such a brilliant device as it kept my son from being hospitalized and helped him fully recover from RSV”


Speech Language Pathologist, MA, MS CCC-SLP

Parent of patient & Speech Pathologist




“The Schnozzle is amazing!  It has revolutionized how we clean children’s noses out to help them breathe.  I recommend it to all my friends and family.”


Brittany Brand, RN  

Paulding Pediatric ER






“I wanted to tell you about my experience with the Schnozzle last weekend. I had a horrible URI with cough and congestion that even regular symptomatic treatment was helping. I came to work that weekend and I was miserable with the congestion and not being able to clear it! I used your Schnozzle with a NS flush and I actually got a lot of drainage out and was able to clear another large amount by blowing my nose. I did it multiple times throughout the weekend and it was amazing! I could actually breathe and make it through my shift.   …The Schnozzle seemed to fit better in my nose, felt more comfortable, and seemed to allow for a more concentrated stream of saline to actually clear my nasal passages. Thanks!”


Erin Sobek, RN




“It works!  I like using this more than suctioning alone because it does not increase the irritation like placing foreign objects in the nose and using wall suction.  This great product gets everything out.  Parents even rave about it.”

Marilyn Camp, RN 




“The Schnozzle works really well to clean mucus from the nose of children I have seen with respiratory illness such as URI and bronchiolitis.  — It seems to be more effective than nasal saline spray and suctioning.”

Renee Clarke-Hall; CPNP 




“Love it!!! Clears my upper airway; helps with inflammation in my nose. “

Melanie Wolternic, RN
Self use




“Great for removing thick mucous from sinuses for adult and pediatric patients, as well as personal use 😀 “

Morgan Blond, RN
Scottish Rite
Self, patients, own child




“Schnozzle has been a key – possibly an essential part – of my care for children who are congested.  It is very easy to use and to teach parents.  I have used it frequently and would absolutely recommend.”

Melissa M. Magill, MD
ER Pediatrician




“I really value having the Schnozzle to use as an easy teachable and safe method to treat nasal congestion without causing excess trauma and swelling to the nares the way that suction does.“

Caroline Credille, APRN, PNP




“I have used the Schonzzle both on myself and on our patients.  I love how well it works.  It’s like a mini nettie-pot.  I would recommend it for all ages.”

Cathleen Martin
Patient Care Technician
Self use, patient use




“I have used the Schnozzle on myself while congested.  It is very easy to use and effective.  I have used it numerous times on patients to irrigate the nose as well as remove foreign bodies, and it is highly effective.”

Lauren Timmons CPNP
Self use and patient use




“Schnozzle works well and parents and technicians feel it is easier and better to remove nasal secretions.”

Majorie Fannon, APRN
Patient use





“Enjoy the product.  Creates pressure to assist in flushing out.  Product is easy to use on self/patient.”

Brian Thompson, RN
Self use and patient use.





“(I am following up after) using the Schnozzle on my daughter to help her breathe following a very bad asthma attack.  Thank you so much!”

Charlotte L. 
Parent of patient




“20 month old male with difficulty breathing thought to be mostly due to copious upper airway/nasal congestion.  Plan was initially to deep suction but the child was the size of a three year old.  The respiratory therapist felt the use of the schnozzle would work better.  Worked perfectly.  Great results in a matter of seconds.  Patient breathing comfortably only moments later!”

Michael Young, MD
Emergency Room Pediatrician





“(My husband) has been ‘Schnozzling’ all weekend. Said he finally feels like he can breathe through his nose and we both were able to sleep peacefully because he wasn’t snoring/heavily breathing all night!”

Wife of patient





“That’s a gamechanger there!”

Father of a baby who was “schnozzled” in Pediatric ER.
Parent had tried other suction products before going to ER ,





“It was awesome.  It looked weird when you do it, but it didn’t hurt him and you can see I want one!”

CNA & Mother of 17 m.o. with cough for 2 weeks and ear infection.
Patient had been suctioned at home






“He sounds so much better already.”


Patient care technician helping with patient






“He looked so much better and mom is so happy.”


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner







“The nurses love the Schnozzle.  We ran out a few weeks ago and they were all up in arms! 

Assistant Nurse Manager – Pediatric Emergency Room





“The Schnozzle is an awesome tool!  It works great for kids and adults alike.  It works great for cleaning out stuffy noses.  You always get excellent results and the patients are able to breathe better which helps them feel better.”

Mandy Gable, RN 






“The Schnozzle works better than any other nose cleaning device that I have tried.  I use it on my pediatric patients and my own children.”


Jennifer Smith, RN






Ready To Schnozzle?

We currently have two configurations for Babies and Adults*.
*Older Children can use the adult version but should use a smaller volume of fluid. ​
Baby Schnozzle Kit



  • 10 ml Syringe
  • 100 ml Saline Bottle
  • 1 Schnozzle Adapter
  • 3 oz Bulb Syringe
Big Schnozzle Kit



  • 60 ml Syringe
  • 2 Schnozzle Adapters
  • 10 Saline Packets
  • 1 Limited Edition Key Chain

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