For Adults

Adults can use the Schnozzle(R) too.  Since adult noses are bigger, so are the results!

The Schnozzle(R) was developed by a pediatric ER physician, and it worked so well on pediatric patients that many of the nurses, respiratory therapist and pediatricians working with the inventor started to use it themselves to relieve their own colds, allergic and sinusitis symptoms.  They began to use it regularly on their own kids, grandkids, spouses and significant others with related issues.  

For many adults and older children that had already used other nasal irrigation products, like neti-pots and squeeze bottles, the Schnozzle(R) became their preferred go-to product.  See what some of them said on our testimonial page.  

Of course, larger noses require larger volume syringes.  Adults benefit from the Schnozzle’s more ergonomic delivery with better control of the pressure, volume and flow compared to traditional nasal irrigation devices.  

The Schnozzle(R) provides an effective and comfortable to control irrigation device that is easy to use: whether it is by an anxious first time rookie; as part of a daily health maintenance routine in the home bathroom or shower; in a hotel while traveling; and or in the workplace to stay productive. 

That is why we say:  “It is snot just for kids!”  Try it out yourself…

Designed to Help You 

Breathe Better & Feel Better.  

Get back on the road to recovery and feeling healthier.



Use with safe solution such as:
sterile saline,
distilled salt water,
boiled salt water that has cooled.
Prepare nasal irrigation salt solution.
Use nasal saline packets from pharmacy.
Use correct concentration.
Fill the syringe.
Attach the adapter.

Blow your nose.
Lean forward over a sink or in the shower.
Create a seal with the nasal adapter. .
Hold your breath.
Steadily push 30-60ml of fluid.
Repeat on the opposite side.
Breathe Better. Feel Better.

For Children Under 12 see our other sections for recommendations.

Watch the video and animations.
Flush Irrigation Fluid in One Side of the Nose.

Positive Pressure Expands the Nasal Passages.

Fluid and Nasal Secretions are then Displaced into the Nasopharynx and Around the Back of the Nasal Septum.

Fluid Exits Out the Other Side.
Watch our video and animations to see the Schnozzle(R) in action.

Its not just another Neti-Pot.

Better control of fluid flow, volume and pressure.


Tips for safety & Success

Follow the guidelines below to get healthier.

Safe Solutions

Start with safe solutions. Only use sterile saline or distilled water with proper amounts of salt added. 
Distilled water and salt packets are available at your pharmacy and grocery stores.  Distillation of the water helps to filter out bacteria and other microorganisms so you don’t add any potentially dangerous microorganisms up your nose.



Everyone is different and nasal irrigation is not for everyone. 

Do not use on anyone with craniofacial abnormalities including recent sinus surgery without the direct recommendation of a physician. Do not use on anyone with cardiac sensitivities including fainting. 



Use 30-60ml of fluid per flush for older children and adults. 

The volume of the adult nasal cavity is approximately 30ml.

Only use appropriate volumes of fluid.  See other areas of our website, for the recommended smaller volumes for babies and children.



Using a syringe provides more precise control over the speed, volume and pressure of the fluid delivered than a neti-pot or squeeze bottle. 

Never force fluid into the nose.  If there is any pain or resistance stop the procedure immediately.



Safe Position

Adults should lean forward over a sink or in the shower to prevent making a mess.

If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, stop the procedure immediately and sit in a chair or squat against a wall.

Watch the Video Below

Syringe Irrigation



Recommended Volume

volume limit per syringe flush

30-60 ml



Breathe Better.

Get back on the road to recovery and feel better along the way.


Flush congestion for immediate relief of cold & allergy symptoms


Clear deep post nasal drip that can trigger coughing


Get relief from the stuffy nose that come with allergies.


Clear the nasal cavity to allow the sinuses to drain

Frequently Asked Questions for Adults

What is a Schnozzle? 

The Schnozzle(R) is an adapter that fits onto standard syringes designed to rinse debris or mucus from the nasal passages.  Some refer to it as a being like neti pot.


How does it work?

The Schnozzle™ uses a sterile saline solution to flush the nasal passages clear of mucus that causes congestion and difficulty breathing. Simply attach the Schnozzle™ (purple adapter) to a syringe.  Push the fluid though the nose and out the other nostril with a gentle quick action.  See the Instructions For Use (IFU) for more specific recommendations regarding different age groups and contraindications.


Why is it used?


The Schnozzle™ is for use on patients to help relieve upper respiratory tract symptoms associated with congestion such cough, difficulty breathing, discomfort and poor feeding in young children.


Is it a spray or mist?


The Schnozzle™ has a large opening and does not produce a spray.  The adapter attaches to a sterile saline syringe to create a seal on the opening of the nose.  The large adapter opening allows a steady stream of fluid to flood the nasal passages and flush out mucus.


How much fluid do you use for an adult?


For adults, use a syringe with 30 or 60 ml of sterile saline.  Lean the head forward over a sink.  Insert the Schnozzle™ into a nostril and push fluid.  Repeat on other side.


Why isn’t the product made from a softer material?


The Schnozzle™ ‘s solid firm design allows for a good seal against the nostril of pediatric and adult patients.  The firm plastic helps insure that a good seal will be made on the flexible nasal rim; whereas a flexible adapter on the flexible nasal opening would likely have gaps and make the device ineffective at sealing and flushing fluid.


Is it sterile?


Similar to other products that are used to for clearing the nasal passages, such as a neti pot and saline mist, the Schnozzle™ adapter is not provided sterile.


What sizes are there?


Because of the unique tapered design, one size fits any patient.



How is the Schnozzle™  different from a neti pot?


The neti-pot uses gravity to move the saline thru the nasal cavity.  The Schnozzle™ uses positive pressure with a steady force to flush the nasal passages.  More pressure and more control is available when using the Schnozzle™ .  These features make it the preferred product for some people that have already used other products.  Also when using the Schnozzle™ , we recommend that it be used with safe pharmaceutical grade sterile saline in syringes that are readily available. This is more convenient, less risky and less complicated than having to make your own saltwater solution to use with a neti pot.


What is a neti pot?

A neti pot is an over the counter container designed to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavity. You might use a neti pot to treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. When using a neti-pot you, typically need to make your own saltwater solution with water that has been distilled or sterilized.


What is a Schnozzle ?

The Schnozzle™ is an adapter that fits onto standard syringes and is designed to rinse debris or mucus from the nasal passages.  


Can I use the Schnozzle on my child?

You can use the larger syringe on bigger kids, but you need to use a smaller syringe for babies.  We recommend that you only use only the recommended amounts.  Be sure to read the instruction for use (IFU) so you have the correct equipment and use the correct technique.   Also read the  IFU for instructions including contraindications.


Can I use the Schnozzle on Myself?


Yes, see IFU for instructions including contraindications.


How fast do I flush?


After inserting the Schnozzle™ into the nose, push a continuous flow of saline through at a steady rate over about 3-5 seconds.  If you encounter resistance, stop.  Do not force.  Also, do not push small amounts of fluid intermittently as this is more likely to cause gagging.  The goal is to flush the nasal cavity. 


What size syringe do you use for an adult?

Adults use a 30 or 60 ml sterile saline syringe. 


How much volume do you use for an adult?

Adults use a 30 or 60 ml sterile saline syringe.


Do you also flush the other side of the nose?

While flushing just once is very helpful, flushing both sides helps insure the best clearance of the residual mucus and debris that may have been loosened with the first flush.  You can also repeat irrigation on both sides for better clearance.


Where does the fluid go?


The fluid passes thru the nasal passages, around the back of the nasal septum, crossing through the nasopharynx,  and then continues clearing nasal passages on the opposite side, before exiting the opposite nostril.


Where do I get sterile saline?

Your doctor can prescribe sterile saline bottles for purchase at any pharmacy.   You can also use distilled water or water that has be previously boiled. 


How often should I use it?

 The Schnozzle™ can be used as needed to help alleviate nasal congestion.  With acute symptoms, most patients experience relief with the initial treatment that unclogs the nasal passages and helps prevent further obstruction.  Afterwards, another treatment might be done on a daily or twice daily or as needed regimen for maintenance.


Who should not use the Schnozzle?

Do not use in patients with craniofacial abnormalities,  imbalance sensitivities, impaired airway protection or vasovagal sensitivity without clearance from your medical provider.

What if I am using the Schnozzle™  and encounter resistance pushing the syringe?

Stop using the Schnozzle™ if you encounter any resistance.  Never force it.


Where can I buy the Schnozzle(R)?

Go to the ordering page for instructions.


Is it safe to use daily for allergies?


Similar to a neti pot the Schnozzle™ can be used daily for allergies.


Can I drown myself?


Nasal irrigation is already widely recommended and widely used with other over the counter products such as neti-pots.  By comparison, the Schnozzle only uses small amounts of fluid that is limited by the volume of a syringe.  Furthermore, the fluid passes from one side of the nose and exits the other.  The normal airway reflexes close the soft palate and protect the vocal cords and trachea from the mucus present before irrigation.  Likewise these same mechanisms work to protect the airway during irrigation.


Does it hurt?


The Schnozzle™ does not hurt.  For some it feels a bit uncomfortable at first, like getting water from the swimming pool in your nose. If you experience this sensation, blow your nose after use.  Releasing the mucus and fluid will alleviate symptoms.


Do you have any studies on whether fluid floods the Eustachian tube?


Nasal irrigation is widely performed with various over the counter devices, however we are not aware of any studies that have been done to evaluate this.  In general, fluid flushed in the nose is likely to go through the path of least resistance out the other nostril. Pre-suctioning patients before irrigation can help reduce the material burden and therefore the pressure needed.  Simultaneously suctioning when irrigating is another technique that might prevent diversion into the Eustachian tube.  Furthermore, not removing mucus and debris in the nasal passages may also cause Eustachian tube complications. 


Is it disposable?


Yes, the Schnozzle™ is disposable.  Single patient/single use only.  Use it once only and then dispose of it safely.


Can you administer medication with it?

The Schnozzle™ is indicated for nasal irrigation of fluids to the nose.  


Can it be used to do a nasal wash?

Yes.  Nasal irrigation, nasal lavage and nasal wash all essentially describe the same procedure




Ready To Schnozzle?

We currently have two configurations for Babies and Adults*.
*Older Children can use the adult version but should use a smaller volume of fluid. ​
Big Schnozzle Kit



  • 60 ml Syringe
  • 2 Schnozzle Adapters
  • 10 Saline Packets
  • 1 Limited Edition Key Chain